Photographing the Ages of Childhood

Your child's early years go by quicky and are a whirlwind of unique and special milestones that can evolve in the blink of an eye. Each stage in your child's early development offers a special opportunity to capture the preciousness of these formative years.


This exciting moment only lasts a short time so it's a good idea to photograph a newborn within the first few weeks of arrival.  Photos at this stage can include a more artistic approach including focussing on the details of your babies tiny features such as hands, feet and sleepy little faces. Props can be used to help position the baby and you are encouraged to bring along a special blanket, hair bow or stuffed animal to help personalize the portrait.


3 months

At three months some babies are starting to hold their heads up and beginning to smile. We usually photograph the baby in one outfit and also do a variety of poses with some bare chested or wrapped in a blanket.


6 months

At six months your baby's chubby arms and legs help make for an adorable portrait! At this time most babies are able to sit unassisted for a short time with mom or dad close by. This is an excellent age for precious smiles and playful looks with the use of props.


12 months 

This important first year milestone is when babies start having their own ideas and is a great opportunity to capture their emerging personality. The first year portrait usually includes your baby standing with or without a prop. Parents can also bring a birthday cake so your little one can "smash the cake" which is a lot of fun!


18 months 

Children at this age have well-developed personalities and moods can change in an instant! At 18 months children move a lot and it's important to do the session quickly to hold their attention.


2 years

The many moods of a lovable, feisty, stubborn and/or shy two year old photo session can be challenging but is always worth it in the end! They are usually starting to talk and communicate more and are usually responsive to humour. Patience is definitely required.


3 years 

Photo sessions for three year olds are fun! Children at this age are able to express their likes and dislikes and also able to take directions. Bring a favourite toy or prop along to personalize the photo session.


4 to 5 years

One of the cutest ages for little girls and boys, this is a opportunity to create a portrait that portrays their personality. Children at this age can be full of attitude which makes for some fun photos.


6 years and up

During the school age years children begin to have a more mature look with permanent teeth starting to appear and more contured facial features. It's a great time to capture their maturing personalities and also a nice time to photograph them with their siblings.