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Welcome to Studio V Kids!

Edmonton's best baby and children's photo studio.

Studio V Kids offers the best value and great prices on professional photography for infants, toddlers, and young children. At Studio V Kids we capture and celebrate the most precious and important time in a child's life!


Call now to book an appointment for your child's photo session!


The Importance of Having Your Child Photographed

There is no better time to have your child photographed than now. They are growing and changing quickly during these early years. Take the time now to create a portrait of a truly special time in your child’s life to look back on. Besides a great way to decorate your home, studies have shown that displaying printed portraits of your children helps build self confidence and develop a sense of self-worth within your child. It also helps send the message that they are important and are loved and cared about.


Setting Up Your Appointment

To set up an appointment please call our office at 780-450-0248 or send us an email at We will help you decide on a time that's best for your child and discuss the details.


The Photo Session

Your child's photo session will be done in the convenience of our Edmonton photo studio where we can avoid distractions such as noise, bugs and weather related issues such as wind and rain. By eliminating these distractions we are able to hold your child's attention and get great expressions. During your photo session we will do a variety of poses that include fun, playful and thoughtful expressions. If you have more than one child to be photographed we are happy to photograph each child separately and together to give you a variety of poses to choose from. 


The Studio & Photographer

At Studio V Kids we offer a warm welcoming space that is clean and comfortable. We have everything needed to create beautiful portraits of your child including a variety of props, backgrounds and professional photography equipment. Professional photographer Chad Movold is a formally educated photographer with 27 years of experience. He holds his Master of Photographic Arts with the Professional Photographers of Canada. He is full of energy and loves working with children of all ages.


Do's and Don’ts For a Perfect Portrait 

Do feed your child before the photo session - to avoid a "hangry" child make sure they have eaten beforehand. Bring a snack so if your child does get hungry we can take a break for a quick snack.

Don't tire them out before the photo session with other activities or errands - Make sure your child is well rested. Plan a time when you know they will be refreshed. Running around before your session is tiring for everyone, especially your child. Schedule your appointment for a day that is more open.

Do bring an extra outfit - Whether it's for a different look or in case of a little accident, it's always good to have a backup.

Don't pump up the photo session too much beforehand - Let them know you are taking them to a photo studio for pictures and that it will be fun! If your child seems nervous, you may do more harm by trying to explain too much. When you arrive at the studio we can talk quietly and move slowly until they get to a point where they are more comfortable. Parents will always be close by if needed.


Clothing Suggestions

Decide if you would like your child to be dressed in a more formal or casual style. Generally solid colours look best. Avoid stripes and patterns that are overly busy as they tend to take attention away from your child's face. If you are having your children photographed together, try and coordinate their colours for a balanced look. Also, keep in mind your child's footwear making sure that their shoes go nicely with their outfit since we may see their shoes in some of the photos. Barefeet are always a cute option for babies and young children. If you have a special outfit or prop you are welcome to bring it along and we can incorporate it into your child's session.


Ordering Session

After your photo session we will schedule a time for you to come back to the studio to order your photo package. At this time we will go through the portraits with you and you can choose your favourites!


Photo Retouching

All of our photos are professionally retouched to brighten eyes, smooth skin and blemishes, fix stray hairs and enhance the portraits.


Photo Products

In addition to digital photos, we also offer a variety of photo products including custom printed portraits in a variety of sizes. Choose from beautiful canvas wall portraits, contemporary storyboards and albums. Custom framing is also available.


Photo Packages

Digital photo packages start at $299

Our Guarantee

Your satisfaction is very important to us. We guarantee you will be 100% happy with all of your chidren's portraits!

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